Style your way to Gorgeousness even using by old clothes.

Hello lovely people,

Finally back after a long break I apologise for not being active. But now bringing you another outfit designed by yours truly!

It is passed to me from my mom’s royal ethnic collection..To notch up the styling quotient even further, I added a antique choker and earing with a blingy mirrored sliver clutch and I was ready to twirl and turn some heads.

Want a modern yet traditional look? Add some elements of your own!

And trust me my mom was equally happy 😍

Have a look guys :-

Nothing changes up your look faster than a dupatta drape (nothing non surgical) anyway!  You could have worn your anarkali/ lehenga once and had your photos all over Facebook but change up the drape the next time, and it will look like a spanking new outfit.

Single dupatta draped saree-style over left shoulder with pleats it making it look amazing.

How did your wedding season look like ?

I hope you liked my outfit because I simply loved it.
So for now, I will be taking your leave and will soon be back with a new fashion outfit.
Signing off for now.
See you guys soon.

Want to look like a chic? Slay in this striped dress and nude lipstick!

Hello guys,

I am back again. As promised the next blog is here, enjoy.

This times outfit will make you look beautiful, hot and rebellious all at the same time.

And that makes it one of my favorite dresses. This dress gives us the sensual feel and will surely boost your confidence a bit. The dress is best for all those who are looking for a change in the wardrobe.

 Check it out! Let’s start with the outfit.



Image may contain: 1 person, close-up

The dress is a very beautiful two piece with strips on it. Strips, because they are so in, and makes you look thinner only if you wear it the right way. The top consists of an off-shoulder crop top sort of.

You know recently I saw a post on Instagram which says that boys love girls’ shoulders, so it’s time to test the theory. Try something like this and see what effect it has on guys. I am sure they will drool seeing you like this.

Now let’s move on to the footwear.

The best-suited footwear will be a high

heeled shoe.

Since my outfit was white with black stripes on it, I chose a white heeled shoe. You can choose it according to the color of your outfit.

The best part of these shoes is that they are very comfortable. Since we are going for a rebellious and sensual look just a simple bracelet, preferably black will do.




You can choose long hanging earrings or simple ear cuffs.

Now finish your look some Smokey eye makeup or else go for a glitter look.

Photography by: S Q Photography
Make up by: Style Nation
Outfit: Zara

Hope you like it. Next blog will up soon.Until then see you guys.

Share it with everyone. Signing off for now.

LookBook For Eid & Wedding Season!

Hello there, my lovely people! I hope you all are doing fine. The wait this time was too long, Sorry for delay.

Anyways it’s time for Eid, girlies!

Eid Mubarak!

So Whether you’ve decided your Eid outfit already or whether you’re still mulling it over, I’ve put together an Eid outfit and wedding lookbook for you all!

 I am back but this time with a big surprise and a completely new look for the most favorite and hustling-bustling season of the year; the wedding and festive season. Yes! That’s right. This time around we are going to look into the outfits that are best suited for the weddings and Eid both.

Well, when we think about wedding season the only colors that flash in our mind are pink, orange, typical red color or shades of red. We never think something out of the box. So I thought that maybe this time we can switch those clichéd colors and styles into something bold and sporting.

The look that I have selected this time is as new and elegant as it is bold and sexy. The best part is that the brides or the bridesmaids or anyone for that matter can wear this kind of outfit For Eid too.

Have a look!





Here I also mentioned Three look in one outfit:-

Look 1

It’s an Indian fusion style lehenga or indo-western lehenga as we commonly call it. This nowadays is trending and is becoming the personal favourite of all the girls.

This outfit consists of cool colors and beautiful intricate designs finely decorating every part of the choli making it even more beautiful. The choli is full length and has long full sleeves. It also has hangings which accentuate its beauty. The blouse is beautifully designed in a necklace pattern at the top front.


The lehenga, on the other hand, is quite simple but have a beautiful gold border which is broad and beautiful.

Finally, the net dupatta which is decorated with beautiful beads and have a golden border. You can design it in your own style and even experiment with colours if you want.

To finish the outfit do some bold makeup, preferably with gold or blue base. Curl your hair and leave them flowing down all the way to your back.
Wear high heel pumps matching your outfit. I think black or navy blue would do.
And finally, wear some elegant chandelier earrings or Chand Bali to complete the outfit. Make sure the colour is gold or close to gold.



Look 2 (Without Dupatta)



Look 3 (Without jacket)


So, I hope you like this outfit. Since the wedding season is near, I thought that this will be the perfect opportunity to give all my favorite readers a beautiful gift.

Now you’ll not have to worry about what to get yourself for the wedding season. Just go for it. Trust me you will sizzle the whole party in this outfit and everyone will drop down at the sight of you.

Details about look:

Outfit by: @cromanovsfashionstudio

Makeup by: Nikhil’s – Hair Salon, Makeup lounge, Academy

For now, this is all. I hope you like. Do share with as many people as you can and do not forget to leave your comments in the comment box.

Signing off for now!


How to pull off casual chic style this summer!

Hey, guys!

Sorry for the long wait but now I am back.

This time around we has some new stuff for summers. As you know that summer season is already going on in full swing and that’s why we need to lighten our fashion mood.

I spend 90% of my time in casual attire. While I love dresses, frilly skirts, and trousers – there’s nothing that is more practical and comfortable than a casual look. As we know that crop tops are totally ‘in fashion’ and also are a brilliant choice for summers.

So, let’s see that how can you rock in a crop top.

Just crop top:-



You can wear a simple light coloured crop top. Pair it with a nice piece of skin tight jeans. It can be ripped jeans as well if you want to have a rugged look. As for footwears, go with block heels or sneakers. Block heels will be a smart choice seeing as it will constantly provide air to your feet. But if you are not a heel person then you can go with sneakers too.



R24-38 copy

Crop top with Denim Jacket:-

The second way of rocking in a crop top is that you wear it with a jeans jacket. Jeans jacket looks cool on any figure. So no matter whether you have an hourglass figure or a pear shaped figure you can totally trust yourself with a crop top and jeans jacket.


Pair it with your favourite jeans and converse. Also, you can wear a round cloche, bucket or fedora on your head. It will give you a new look and will also save your hair from direct sun rays.




Crop top with a halter neck t-shirt:-

R24-37 copy


Choose a halter neck t-shirt to go with your crop top. It should be contrasted to your crop top. So if you are selecting a light crop top then your halter neck t-shirt should be dark in colour. Halter necks are summer love for us girls but wearing them the usual way is a little boring. So add this twist and wear them with a crop top. Pair it with a nice pair of ripped jeans or skin-tight jeans.


Here is the combined three look ❤


Finally, wear sneakers, converse or block heels to finish your look. Since it is summers so, minimal jewellery is the best option. No jewellery will be as good but even if you want to wear some, so either go with light dangling earrings or just a light pendant.
So, these were some of the ideas as to how can you rock a crop top. Summers are still three months long so just try each and every look this summer.

I hope this post was worth the wait.

For now, I am leaving you with this awesome fashion tip.

I will be back soon with some new ideas next time.
Share with your girl gang and rock the style with them.

Details about this summer look!

Outfit details:


Crop Top:  VERO MODA
Denim jacket: Westside
Halter neck top: Own wardrobe
Cap : Street shop Delhi
Photography: Rashil Ahuja

Signing off for now. Love you guys!


This Christmas eve, flaunt yourself in this mermaid outfit.

Hello guys, your favourite fashion blogger is back.

I know it’s been long, but this time it’s gonna be ‘worth the wait.

“Shimmer and shake this one at your upcoming Christmas Eve in this glam mermaid red gown.”

Let’s have a look at the splendid outfit.


“Sharp and stylish you’ll be a knockout at the Christmas Party.”

‘This time I have something really interesting for you guys. As Christmas is near, I’ve got a fabulous outfit designed by Aditi Farabda that will suit you this festive season. Check it out!
Let’s begin with the outfit. This times designer dress is a crimson red mermaid gown. When I saw the dress, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. And I was jubilant to pull off this dress.


This dress accentuates all the necessary curves of your body. This dress suits perfectly on girls who have an hourglass figure. So, all the girls out there with hourglass figure you should have few fish cut dresses in your closet.

Now here’s is the golden heels to match your style.





As fish cut dresses generally have a high flow behind the dress, so heels will definitely make it look even better. But if you already are well heightened then you can even choose simple, plain bellies.



Full profile splendid look!


Now here’s a tip for girls who wear heels under dresses like this.

If you are short-height than go for pencil heels unless you have back problems, in that case choose wedges. Try to keep the inches of heel as low as you can.

For accessories you can choose a simple gold bracelet and a beautiful light pendant. For earrings you can choose either the ear cuffs or a pair of studs will do fine.

Now finish your look some dark makeup, Smokey eyes will look the best.




So what are you waiting for?

Go and get yourself this look and shine like a star in Christmas Eve.

Also share it with your bestie, so that both of you can pull off a unique and fashionable dress in the coming festival season. And I will be leaving you with this beautiful idea of glam look that you can flaunt proudly and be a little glamorous and rebellious this festive season.

I hope you liked this.

Details about this glam look!

Outfit By: Aditi Farabda

Stylist: Pammi Chawla

Photography: Shoab Qureshi

Signing off until next time.


Dazzling Desi Diva

Hello, guys!

As these nights are filled with colorful Garba and Dandiya.  Let’s Enjoy this Navratri festival together!

Ohh with colorful Garba and Dandiya dances you must be wondering what to wear and carry during this festive season. So, I am here with some wonderful tips which could help you cut down your extra expenses on renting Garba attires and makeup to look simply gorgeous… and believe me, I am getting the best compliments ever.

Your favorite fashion blogger is back with some major concerns you might be worried about this festive season.

This time, I am really excited to share my blog with you people because the collection that I will share today is specially designed by me. I have designed my outfit with the mindset of upcoming festivals and the craze for fusion dresses among the girls.


The dress includes typical ghagra choli with a little flavor of western style in it. And it is meant to make you look beautiful and confident both at the same time.

14571980_897014547071934_292828387_o.jpgSo, all the fashion freaks who are reading this, get ready for some rebellious stuff and make sure to add this to your wardrobe because it’s one of a kind.


Let’s start with the top or we can say blouse of the outfit. For the blouse, I have chosen a beautiful golden piece. You know what’s the best part of golden color… you can combine it with any color.


So you can also choose a golden color for your blouse piece and the design completely depends on upon how you like it. I have kept it sleeveless because HELLO! It’s so in.



But you can also go for long sleeves or net sleeves or even backless, it’s your choice. Now, let’s shift a little downwards and have a look at the ghagra. I have selected a beautiful blue color for my ghagra and gave it a feel of a long skirt. It is neither too flashy nor too heavy making it easier to pull off well.



And now finally, the best part and the masterpiece of the outfit is here, the dupatta. I have selected a colorful dupatta(stole) and the best part is that you can use with all types of attire. This stole completes the look by giving the attire a traditional look with the feel of a western attire.



Finish your look with some light makeup, traditional Kashmiri earrings and a pair of Rajasthani flats.



So what are you waiting for?

Go and get yourself this look and shine like a star in Garba nights.

Also share it with your bestie, so that both of you can pull off a unique and fashionable dress in this festival season. And I will be leaving you with this stunning idea of a fusion dress, that you can flaunt proudly and be a little glamorous and rebellious this festive season.

I hope you liked this.


Signing off until next time.


Timeless Elegance ft. Missamore


Hey there!

New day new beginning and what can be better than a new outfit style to begin your day with. So your favourite fashion blogger is back with a new fashion idea and you are gonna love this.

Every girl wishes that her fashion sense should be different from others. And for that you need the perfect angle, that’s me by the way, to help you out when you can’t decide for yourself.

Today I am going to share my new love of this season and I am sure even you will love it. So without wasting much of your time I will directly jump to the point and will make you happy.

This time, I have brought a beautiful brown slit gown from Missamore along with stone jewellery and the beautiful pair of heels.

This is the beautiful brown coloured gown with slits on both the sides as you can see. I simply love this colour because it has that rich texture in it.



It’s not like you are bound to purchase a brown gown, you can choose the colour according to your taste. But slit is so in and also it will help you to cope with the humid weather because it will allow full-time ventilation.

Moving onto what you should pair your dress with. I would suggest select stone jewellery, The neck piece and the beautiful earring studded with stone is complimenting my dress perfectly.


I know you must be thinking what an absurd combination blue and brown?

But as I said sometimes experiments are good. So experiment your dress with a different and mismatched jewellery and believe me it will look awesome.

Next thing you need to do is decorate your beautiful delicate hands. Girls who have boyfriends must know that accessories in hands attract the man. Wow! That almost rhymed. Anyways, I have decided to go with a beautiful metallic bracelet and it quite absolutely compliments the dress. Metallic goes with any colour and dress. So, I would suggest you go with a metallic bracelet.


You know it is said that a girl doesn’t like it when she doesn’t have anything to fill her hands. So how can you go out without a bag?

Carry a beautiful blue coloured leather bag that big enough to carry all your stuff.






And the last and final thing to complete your look is a beautiful pair of footwear from Westside.

Well, it’s nothing new that when you wear a gown or a dress you need to look tall. Also, heels provide confidence. So I chose a pair of peach coloured high heels that helps me to look beautiful and confident.

Here’s Complete Details about outfit-

Bag- Missamore 

Dress- Missamore

Heels- Westside

Accessories comprise of my personal collection.

This is all for today stay tuned for my next upload. See you soon. Signing off until next time.

Till then Happy Blogging!