My First Love And It Will Always Be!

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
― Coco Chanel

I am crazy about shopping, no one in this world who is born to stop me doing so, whenever I get time or bored I rush to shop. You can just say that I am totally addicted to shopping. It is the best way I could refresh my mood anytime. You have  got a hang of me by now. And yes, I could give up shopping but am not a quitter.

Let us focus on the dress, I am totally in love with my entire outfit.

“You look like a beautiful doll”, complimented my mom when I was checking out the dress. I felt so amazing. I prefer keeping my dressing sense simple, I believe in ‘always dress well but keep it simple’.

Fashion is something we deal every day. Even people who say they don’t care what they wear, choose clothes every morning that says a lot about them and how they feel that day.

So, I got this beautiful puffy skirt from Forever21. This skirt is so comfortable. The material is classy and is absolutely stunning!

I know the idea of the puffy skirt might not sound very mature to you but don’t doubt yourself as I know you can carry it amazingly well. So, without wasting any more time, Let’s quickly proceed to know about the classy outfit.

Like you know today we are gonna talk about puffy skirt and  I  am gonna show you how you can carry it off.


Zipper puffy skirt one love!!

Puffy skirts are cute and nice to incorporate in the wardrobe but it has to be styled nicely and in a more “grown up” manner so it wouldn’t look too juvenile.

Skirts come in a variety of shapes and styles, they are an essential item in a women’s wardrobe. They are more versatile than dresses because they are more flexible when it comes to being dressed up or down. They can be worn on any occasion, and they can be used on those days when women feel like they do not have anything to wear. This puffy skirt in the picture is with one zipper in back giving it perfect look from the back.


zipper black boots

I paired the puffy skirt with one of my Black boots from WESTSIDE. A lot of my outfits that I wear these days are around my absolutely stunning new pair of  zipper boots. I am trying to wear them as much as possible before winter kisses us a good bye….  AND am totally hooked on to it.


Complete look

Rocking it, right? You can rock it too!

I combined it with one of my favourite wine colour crop top from Kiana fashions, I love this top and the material is so perfect. The top is stretchable can give you a perfect and slim look.


It is common to think that skirts are not as easily worn as other clothes  like jeans but with a few pairs of skirts that can be easily matched with multiple Tops.In fact, a black and white skirt can be worn multiple times because they can be dressed up more.

Puffy skirt usually has an elastic or fitted waistline and then are scrunched up at the hem, making the skirt appear baggy.The length of these are almost above the knees and they have a very playful look.

so the entire look is simple and classy.


I hope you guys liked this look. I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends.

Details about dressing:

Skirt:  Forever21

Boots:  Westside

Crop top:  Kiana Fashions

I would like to thank Vidorra for making this lovely post possible, Jay Chugh for clicking this amazing photograph no matter how frustrating I may get at times.

This was my first blog, I was thinking to write it from a long time but wasn’t able to… but finally I did. I hope you enjoyed what you read.


13 thoughts on “My First Love And It Will Always Be!

  1. Lokesh

    Keep it up Nidhi. Very very… happy to see this. Do more shopping and do more articles. You are in good company of good people. I am sure they would be suggesting you from article content to business aspect of what you are doing.

    Good Luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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