Garnished sunny Orange ft AFD!!

Hello Loves,

Fashion is something that you can associate yourself with. The beauty of Indian women lies in bedecking herself and attiring something that always reminds her of the culture to which She Belongs.

Well, this explains the reason why Indo Western women Fashion  is creating sensation everywhere. Indo Western lady apparels give the contemporary look with an essence of Indian culture and Tradition. It is a  Hip-Hop style that is happening but at the same time a great comfort to wear.

Haute couture fashion has taken a lot of twists and turns from traditional Ethnic Styling to modern western to the balanced Indo-Western Trend.

As It Is Said,

‘Extreme Of Anything Is Bad’.

The best is to be balanced in life.This applies to attire style too. Ethnicity is too old and Western is ultra-American, the best is to go in for a blend of both Indian cum Western which is simple, sober yet elegant and graceful.

Today’s advanced world  has undergone limitless fashion transformations.Every decade has brought new trends and styles that have become a fashion cult all over the nation.
Fashion fusion has been the latest trend-setting element, which has become the signature style of all women today.

A mixture of Western and South Asian style has embossed a clothing trend.

Women, in general, have become pretty conscious about looks.We all  have the desire to look attractive, inviting attention from others.

The latest trend that is boasting of its style is that of Indo-Western
the fusion that women wear, which is classic and stylish just Apt for the working women.

I am really excited to talk about the look for today as I absolutely love it! So, the look that we follow in today’s blog is called Indo-Western. Without wasting any further time, let us start with the blog!

So, here is the picture of the look:



Black stone Bracelet!


Black Stone Ring!




Nothing stands between a girl and her jewels as I am very obsessed with this black stone bracelet and ring. It gives a complete look to this beautiful sunflower yellow-orange daisy print with green leaves.


Golden Sequin Waist Band!


Simplicity is only the way that never dies to have such sunny garnished yellow-orange high waist skirt with  added Golden Sequin at the waist giving it a complete royal look.






Being in Indore and a shopaholic at heart, I was always fascinated by fancy clothes and floral being my all time favorite made for me glue my hands to this skirt.

Aditi Farabda is one such designer that brings out creativeness to a level unmatched and well, this dress wouldn’t have been better.

I, in fact, went for an indoor shoot as the lamped room seemed to blend well with the dress.






The orange upper has cuts at neck both front and backs thus creating a sexy and aesthetic look simultaneously.The material for the outfit is classy.


You can carry this indo-western dress at any family occasion. It can be a  wedding in your family, a pooja or Haldi function.



❤ ❤








So, Young Ladies Out There What Are You Waiting for.
Shop For Some Elegant Indo Western Wear and can customize too from my favorite Aditi Farabda. They have an amazing collection of dresses and a wide variety of choices!

They offer stunning dresses, skirts and all the wardrobe essentials that one needs! The clothes that they avail are so economical that it feels no burden to buy the hand full of clothes at one go!

I hope you guys liked this look. Also, I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends.


OUTFIT:  Aditi Farabda Designs.

ACCESSORIES: Street Shopping Mumbai.


LOCATION: Ravishing Homes.


Next blog shall be out soon. So stay tuned! See you until next time till then Happy Blogging! 







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