Silver Addiction ft.Maggcom!


Fashion is never bound to a particular theme or pattern. It’s about always experimenting with your usual fashion. And that’s why I’m here to help you guys when it comes to fashion.

Many times we don’t select a colour just because it’s not in our favourite colour list. But, when it comes to fashion and dressing, each and every dress and colour should be experienced at least once. Also, we are girls and have the right to be a little bit crazy and you never know when your crazy experiment results in something good.

Anyways, let’s talk about my recent fashion experiment where I tried color blocking using  grey, blue and pink. Pink is every girl’s favourite colour but have you ever tried combining it with grey and blue.

Well, no maybe, but trying won’t harm. And I’ m sure when you will see my latest style you will definitely want to try this. So let’s start the class of simplicity and authenticity.



The one thing that you need to do now is to create a difference with the usual Indian dresses and opt something new like I have done here. I decided to go with a gown this season. Secondly, thinking out of the box and experimenting with my colour choice, I wore a grey gown and it is addictive. I love it. It suits me perfectly and I’m sure it will suit you too.


I have decided to go with a different combination this time, and it looks beautiful and surprisingly, perfect also.

 The blue and pink combination made the gown look more beautiful. I completed my look with a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that are light and simple and compliments my dress. And finally, finished my look with a beautiful red clutch which looks elegant being embellished.



If you want to look beautiful and different from others, I would suggest you pair your dress with peep toes and let your dress adorn you freely. If you can curl your hair a little, that would just be a cherry on top. I hope you like it keep following me for more awesome tips on fashion.


Details about the look-

Outfit- Maggcom

Footwear- westside

Clutch &  Accessories – Maggcom

Photography- Arpit Soni Photography

Goodbye and see you soon with something more interesting, different and out of the box. Be happy and be you! Bye Bye guys love you all! TA-DA!

P.s. Do not forget to check out Maggcom for you will definitely find stunning stuff there. Good thing is, it’s not just for girls. Take your guys along.



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