Timeless Elegance ft. Missamore


Hey there!

New day new beginning and what can be better than a new outfit style to begin your day with. So your favourite fashion blogger is back with a new fashion idea and you are gonna love this.

Every girl wishes that her fashion sense should be different from others. And for that you need the perfect angle, that’s me by the way, to help you out when you can’t decide for yourself.

Today I am going to share my new love of this season and I am sure even you will love it. So without wasting much of your time I will directly jump to the point and will make you happy.

This time, I have brought a beautiful brown slit gown from Missamore along with stone jewellery and the beautiful pair of heels.

This is the beautiful brown coloured gown with slits on both the sides as you can see. I simply love this colour because it has that rich texture in it.



It’s not like you are bound to purchase a brown gown, you can choose the colour according to your taste. But slit is so in and also it will help you to cope with the humid weather because it will allow full-time ventilation.

Moving onto what you should pair your dress with. I would suggest select stone jewellery, The neck piece and the beautiful earring studded with stone is complimenting my dress perfectly.


I know you must be thinking what an absurd combination blue and brown?

But as I said sometimes experiments are good. So experiment your dress with a different and mismatched jewellery and believe me it will look awesome.

Next thing you need to do is decorate your beautiful delicate hands. Girls who have boyfriends must know that accessories in hands attract the man. Wow! That almost rhymed. Anyways, I have decided to go with a beautiful metallic bracelet and it quite absolutely compliments the dress. Metallic goes with any colour and dress. So, I would suggest you go with a metallic bracelet.


You know it is said that a girl doesn’t like it when she doesn’t have anything to fill her hands. So how can you go out without a bag?

Carry a beautiful blue coloured leather bag that big enough to carry all your stuff.






And the last and final thing to complete your look is a beautiful pair of footwear from Westside.

Well, it’s nothing new that when you wear a gown or a dress you need to look tall. Also, heels provide confidence. So I chose a pair of peach coloured high heels that helps me to look beautiful and confident.

Here’s Complete Details about outfit-

Bag- Missamore 

Dress- Missamore

Heels- Westside

Accessories comprise of my personal collection.

This is all for today stay tuned for my next upload. See you soon. Signing off until next time.

Till then Happy Blogging!


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