Dazzling Desi Diva

Hello, guys!

As these nights are filled with colorful Garba and Dandiya.  Let’s Enjoy this Navratri festival together!

Ohh with colorful Garba and Dandiya dances you must be wondering what to wear and carry during this festive season. So, I am here with some wonderful tips which could help you cut down your extra expenses on renting Garba attires and makeup to look simply gorgeous… and believe me, I am getting the best compliments ever.

Your favorite fashion blogger is back with some major concerns you might be worried about this festive season.

This time, I am really excited to share my blog with you people because the collection that I will share today is specially designed by me. I have designed my outfit with the mindset of upcoming festivals and the craze for fusion dresses among the girls.


The dress includes typical ghagra choli with a little flavor of western style in it. And it is meant to make you look beautiful and confident both at the same time.

14571980_897014547071934_292828387_o.jpgSo, all the fashion freaks who are reading this, get ready for some rebellious stuff and make sure to add this to your wardrobe because it’s one of a kind.


Let’s start with the top or we can say blouse of the outfit. For the blouse, I have chosen a beautiful golden piece. You know what’s the best part of golden color… you can combine it with any color.


So you can also choose a golden color for your blouse piece and the design completely depends on upon how you like it. I have kept it sleeveless because HELLO! It’s so in.



But you can also go for long sleeves or net sleeves or even backless, it’s your choice. Now, let’s shift a little downwards and have a look at the ghagra. I have selected a beautiful blue color for my ghagra and gave it a feel of a long skirt. It is neither too flashy nor too heavy making it easier to pull off well.



And now finally, the best part and the masterpiece of the outfit is here, the dupatta. I have selected a colorful dupatta(stole) and the best part is that you can use with all types of attire. This stole completes the look by giving the attire a traditional look with the feel of a western attire.



Finish your look with some light makeup, traditional Kashmiri earrings and a pair of Rajasthani flats.



So what are you waiting for?

Go and get yourself this look and shine like a star in Garba nights.

Also share it with your bestie, so that both of you can pull off a unique and fashionable dress in this festival season. And I will be leaving you with this stunning idea of a fusion dress, that you can flaunt proudly and be a little glamorous and rebellious this festive season.

I hope you liked this.


Signing off until next time.



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