How to pull off casual chic style this summer!

Hey, guys!

Sorry for the long wait but now I am back.

This time around we has some new stuff for summers. As you know that summer season is already going on in full swing and that’s why we need to lighten our fashion mood.

I spend 90% of my time in casual attire. While I love dresses, frilly skirts, and trousers – there’s nothing that is more practical and comfortable than a casual look. As we know that crop tops are totally ‘in fashion’ and also are a brilliant choice for summers.

So, let’s see that how can you rock in a crop top.

Just crop top:-



You can wear a simple light coloured crop top. Pair it with a nice piece of skin tight jeans. It can be ripped jeans as well if you want to have a rugged look. As for footwears, go with block heels or sneakers. Block heels will be a smart choice seeing as it will constantly provide air to your feet. But if you are not a heel person then you can go with sneakers too.



R24-38 copy

Crop top with Denim Jacket:-

The second way of rocking in a crop top is that you wear it with a jeans jacket. Jeans jacket looks cool on any figure. So no matter whether you have an hourglass figure or a pear shaped figure you can totally trust yourself with a crop top and jeans jacket.


Pair it with your favourite jeans and converse. Also, you can wear a round cloche, bucket or fedora on your head. It will give you a new look and will also save your hair from direct sun rays.




Crop top with a halter neck t-shirt:-

R24-37 copy


Choose a halter neck t-shirt to go with your crop top. It should be contrasted to your crop top. So if you are selecting a light crop top then your halter neck t-shirt should be dark in colour. Halter necks are summer love for us girls but wearing them the usual way is a little boring. So add this twist and wear them with a crop top. Pair it with a nice pair of ripped jeans or skin-tight jeans.


Here is the combined three look ❤


Finally, wear sneakers, converse or block heels to finish your look. Since it is summers so, minimal jewellery is the best option. No jewellery will be as good but even if you want to wear some, so either go with light dangling earrings or just a light pendant.
So, these were some of the ideas as to how can you rock a crop top. Summers are still three months long so just try each and every look this summer.

I hope this post was worth the wait.

For now, I am leaving you with this awesome fashion tip.

I will be back soon with some new ideas next time.
Share with your girl gang and rock the style with them.

Details about this summer look!

Outfit details:


Crop Top:  VERO MODA
Denim jacket: Westside
Halter neck top: Own wardrobe
Cap : Street shop Delhi
Photography: Rashil Ahuja

Signing off for now. Love you guys!



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