Want to look like a chic? Slay in this striped dress and nude lipstick!

Hello guys,

I am back again. As promised the next blog is here, enjoy.

This times outfit will make you look beautiful, hot and rebellious all at the same time.

And that makes it one of my favorite dresses. This dress gives us the sensual feel and will surely boost your confidence a bit. The dress is best for all those who are looking for a change in the wardrobe.

 Check it out! Let’s start with the outfit.



Image may contain: 1 person, close-up

The dress is a very beautiful two piece with strips on it. Strips, because they are so in, and makes you look thinner only if you wear it the right way. The top consists of an off-shoulder crop top sort of.

You know recently I saw a post on Instagram which says that boys love girls’ shoulders, so it’s time to test the theory. Try something like this and see what effect it has on guys. I am sure they will drool seeing you like this.

Now let’s move on to the footwear.

The best-suited footwear will be a high

heeled shoe.

Since my outfit was white with black stripes on it, I chose a white heeled shoe. You can choose it according to the color of your outfit.

The best part of these shoes is that they are very comfortable. Since we are going for a rebellious and sensual look just a simple bracelet, preferably black will do.




You can choose long hanging earrings or simple ear cuffs.

Now finish your look some Smokey eye makeup or else go for a glitter look.

Photography by: S Q Photography
Make up by: Style Nation
Outfit: Zara

Hope you like it. Next blog will up soon.Until then see you guys.

Share it with everyone. Signing off for now.


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