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Flaunting winter’s last flounce !

Dear winters!

With this post, I’m breaking up with you .I think it’s a time to welcome the new season.
Well, summer is hotter than you. *wink*

I would firstly like to thank you all for the amazing response to my first blog. I’m really glad you guys liked it. I hope you continue appreciating my work as I’m trying really hard to keep up to the level. In fact, make it better each time. I know there are a zillion fashion bloggers out there and I’m now one of them but it feels great to have a few of you following me and taking out your precious time to actually go through my blogs. I’m gonna try hard to live up to your expectations and believe me, I will consider myself contented and will continue working hard even if I get to inspire any one person among all of you.

Now let’s be honest, finding the “right” outfit can be difficult. But it’s also fun and really exciting.

Now without wasting more  time lets begin with BLOG. Let me show you the look for the day.


Watch: GUESS.

I’m sure all of you have already noticed this watch in my hand!

It looks completely classy with the entire outfit.And the best part is  it goes with almost anything you wear.I got mine from GUESS. Yeah our favourite brand, isn’t it?



Black Long JACKET.


Nothing too complicated, right? That’s the drill! You don’t necessarily need to step outside your comfort zone to look “CLASSY AND SEXY”!

Some of you might not be very comfortable wearing dresses in this weather. But that’s okay because you can rock the look with a BLACK cover-up!

My mom constantly  keeps on asking me to keep myself warm in winters.I am sure your mom tells you that too. How to make them understand our small sacrifices for fashion.

Let’s get into the details of the outfit.


Beginning with the cover up. I actually chose to be a little practical and used a net transparent Black long jacket as a cover-up because wearing a thin or not-so-warm jacket over this dress would leave you out there to freeze.As in case your not so comfortable wearing the backless dress during winters you carry this black long jacket perfectly with your short dress.

And yes I will stop wearing black when they make a darker color.


Next comes my hottest winter backless dress from Kiana fashions. I’m an absolute believer and worshipper of anything backless and so I cannot say no to them.I love this dress firstly because it is backless and the pattern at the back side is so classy and different giving it that sexy look. Secondly, because it’s perfect in length. Thirdly because it’s super warm, cozy and lastly of what I say, Warm and sexy.

Accessorise your dress with pearly or layered neck-pieces or keep them to the minimum like me.


winter dress and cover up



And now like I pointed out in my last post, am trying to wear black boots  as much as possible as winter is about to kiss us goodbye. Black colour complements every dress.And here it’s giving a perfect look as you can see.



BOOTS: Westside


Here, comes the entire look- you can carry the full Black jacket on any of your dresses during winters.

Just remember one thing, when you believe and done a trend, more often than not you end up becoming one yourself.

Hence, in a world full  of ‘Yolo’ and ‘Swag’ turn yourself into an epitome of ‘Elegance’ and ‘Suave’.

It’s time for you to style yourself.

Before I end this blog. Here are the pictures of the  complete look for you in the dress.







Here’s Complete Details about outfit-

Black long jacket: KIANA Fashions

Backless Dress: KIANA Fashions

Watch: GUESS

Boots: Westside

Photography: JAY CHUGH photography.


I hope you guys like this blog as much or more than you liked the first one.See you soon.Signing off until next time.

Till then Happy Blogging!