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Style your way to Gorgeousness even using by old clothes.

Hello lovely people,

Finally back after a long break I apologise for not being active. But now bringing you another outfit designed by yours truly!

It is passed to me from my mom’s royal ethnic collection..To notch up the styling quotient even further, I added a antique choker and earing with a blingy mirrored sliver clutch and I was ready to twirl and turn some heads.

Want a modern yet traditional look? Add some elements of your own!

And trust me my mom was equally happy 😍

Have a look guys :-

Nothing changes up your look faster than a dupatta drape (nothing non surgical) anyway!  You could have worn your anarkali/ lehenga once and had your photos all over Facebook but change up the drape the next time, and it will look like a spanking new outfit.

Single dupatta draped saree-style over left shoulder with pleats it making it look amazing.

How did your wedding season look like ?

I hope you liked my outfit because I simply loved it.
So for now, I will be taking your leave and will soon be back with a new fashion outfit.
Signing off for now.
See you guys soon.

LookBook For Eid & Wedding Season!

Hello there, my lovely people! I hope you all are doing fine. The wait this time was too long, Sorry for delay.

Anyways it’s time for Eid, girlies!

Eid Mubarak!

So Whether you’ve decided your Eid outfit already or whether you’re still mulling it over, I’ve put together an Eid outfit and wedding lookbook for you all!

 I am back but this time with a big surprise and a completely new look for the most favorite and hustling-bustling season of the year; the wedding and festive season. Yes! That’s right. This time around we are going to look into the outfits that are best suited for the weddings and Eid both.

Well, when we think about wedding season the only colors that flash in our mind are pink, orange, typical red color or shades of red. We never think something out of the box. So I thought that maybe this time we can switch those clichéd colors and styles into something bold and sporting.

The look that I have selected this time is as new and elegant as it is bold and sexy. The best part is that the brides or the bridesmaids or anyone for that matter can wear this kind of outfit For Eid too.

Have a look!





Here I also mentioned Three look in one outfit:-

Look 1

It’s an Indian fusion style lehenga or indo-western lehenga as we commonly call it. This nowadays is trending and is becoming the personal favourite of all the girls.

This outfit consists of cool colors and beautiful intricate designs finely decorating every part of the choli making it even more beautiful. The choli is full length and has long full sleeves. It also has hangings which accentuate its beauty. The blouse is beautifully designed in a necklace pattern at the top front.


The lehenga, on the other hand, is quite simple but have a beautiful gold border which is broad and beautiful.

Finally, the net dupatta which is decorated with beautiful beads and have a golden border. You can design it in your own style and even experiment with colours if you want.

To finish the outfit do some bold makeup, preferably with gold or blue base. Curl your hair and leave them flowing down all the way to your back.
Wear high heel pumps matching your outfit. I think black or navy blue would do.
And finally, wear some elegant chandelier earrings or Chand Bali to complete the outfit. Make sure the colour is gold or close to gold.



Look 2 (Without Dupatta)



Look 3 (Without jacket)


So, I hope you like this outfit. Since the wedding season is near, I thought that this will be the perfect opportunity to give all my favorite readers a beautiful gift.

Now you’ll not have to worry about what to get yourself for the wedding season. Just go for it. Trust me you will sizzle the whole party in this outfit and everyone will drop down at the sight of you.

Details about look:

Outfit by: @cromanovsfashionstudio

Makeup by: Nikhil’s – Hair Salon, Makeup lounge, Academy

For now, this is all. I hope you like. Do share with as many people as you can and do not forget to leave your comments in the comment box.

Signing off for now!


Dazzling Desi Diva

Hello, guys!

As these nights are filled with colorful Garba and Dandiya.  Let’s Enjoy this Navratri festival together!

Ohh with colorful Garba and Dandiya dances you must be wondering what to wear and carry during this festive season. So, I am here with some wonderful tips which could help you cut down your extra expenses on renting Garba attires and makeup to look simply gorgeous… and believe me, I am getting the best compliments ever.

Your favorite fashion blogger is back with some major concerns you might be worried about this festive season.

This time, I am really excited to share my blog with you people because the collection that I will share today is specially designed by me. I have designed my outfit with the mindset of upcoming festivals and the craze for fusion dresses among the girls.


The dress includes typical ghagra choli with a little flavor of western style in it. And it is meant to make you look beautiful and confident both at the same time.

14571980_897014547071934_292828387_o.jpgSo, all the fashion freaks who are reading this, get ready for some rebellious stuff and make sure to add this to your wardrobe because it’s one of a kind.


Let’s start with the top or we can say blouse of the outfit. For the blouse, I have chosen a beautiful golden piece. You know what’s the best part of golden color… you can combine it with any color.


So you can also choose a golden color for your blouse piece and the design completely depends on upon how you like it. I have kept it sleeveless because HELLO! It’s so in.



But you can also go for long sleeves or net sleeves or even backless, it’s your choice. Now, let’s shift a little downwards and have a look at the ghagra. I have selected a beautiful blue color for my ghagra and gave it a feel of a long skirt. It is neither too flashy nor too heavy making it easier to pull off well.



And now finally, the best part and the masterpiece of the outfit is here, the dupatta. I have selected a colorful dupatta(stole) and the best part is that you can use with all types of attire. This stole completes the look by giving the attire a traditional look with the feel of a western attire.



Finish your look with some light makeup, traditional Kashmiri earrings and a pair of Rajasthani flats.



So what are you waiting for?

Go and get yourself this look and shine like a star in Garba nights.

Also share it with your bestie, so that both of you can pull off a unique and fashionable dress in this festival season. And I will be leaving you with this stunning idea of a fusion dress, that you can flaunt proudly and be a little glamorous and rebellious this festive season.

I hope you liked this.


Signing off until next time.


Silver Addiction ft.Maggcom!


Fashion is never bound to a particular theme or pattern. It’s about always experimenting with your usual fashion. And that’s why I’m here to help you guys when it comes to fashion.

Many times we don’t select a colour just because it’s not in our favourite colour list. But, when it comes to fashion and dressing, each and every dress and colour should be experienced at least once. Also, we are girls and have the right to be a little bit crazy and you never know when your crazy experiment results in something good.

Anyways, let’s talk about my recent fashion experiment where I tried color blocking using  grey, blue and pink. Pink is every girl’s favourite colour but have you ever tried combining it with grey and blue.

Well, no maybe, but trying won’t harm. And I’ m sure when you will see my latest style you will definitely want to try this. So let’s start the class of simplicity and authenticity.



The one thing that you need to do now is to create a difference with the usual Indian dresses and opt something new like I have done here. I decided to go with a gown this season. Secondly, thinking out of the box and experimenting with my colour choice, I wore a grey gown and it is addictive. I love it. It suits me perfectly and I’m sure it will suit you too.


I have decided to go with a different combination this time, and it looks beautiful and surprisingly, perfect also.

 The blue and pink combination made the gown look more beautiful. I completed my look with a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that are light and simple and compliments my dress. And finally, finished my look with a beautiful red clutch which looks elegant being embellished.



If you want to look beautiful and different from others, I would suggest you pair your dress with peep toes and let your dress adorn you freely. If you can curl your hair a little, that would just be a cherry on top. I hope you like it keep following me for more awesome tips on fashion.


Details about the look-

Outfit- Maggcom

Footwear- westside

Clutch &  Accessories – Maggcom

Photography- Arpit Soni Photography

Goodbye and see you soon with something more interesting, different and out of the box. Be happy and be you! Bye Bye guys love you all! TA-DA!

P.s. Do not forget to check out Maggcom for you will definitely find stunning stuff there. Good thing is, it’s not just for girls. Take your guys along.


Garnished sunny Orange ft AFD!!

Hello Loves,

Fashion is something that you can associate yourself with. The beauty of Indian women lies in bedecking herself and attiring something that always reminds her of the culture to which She Belongs.

Well, this explains the reason why Indo Western women Fashion  is creating sensation everywhere. Indo Western lady apparels give the contemporary look with an essence of Indian culture and Tradition. It is a  Hip-Hop style that is happening but at the same time a great comfort to wear.

Haute couture fashion has taken a lot of twists and turns from traditional Ethnic Styling to modern western to the balanced Indo-Western Trend.

As It Is Said,

‘Extreme Of Anything Is Bad’.

The best is to be balanced in life.This applies to attire style too. Ethnicity is too old and Western is ultra-American, the best is to go in for a blend of both Indian cum Western which is simple, sober yet elegant and graceful.

Today’s advanced world  has undergone limitless fashion transformations.Every decade has brought new trends and styles that have become a fashion cult all over the nation.
Fashion fusion has been the latest trend-setting element, which has become the signature style of all women today.

A mixture of Western and South Asian style has embossed a clothing trend.

Women, in general, have become pretty conscious about looks.We all  have the desire to look attractive, inviting attention from others.

The latest trend that is boasting of its style is that of Indo-Western
the fusion that women wear, which is classic and stylish just Apt for the working women.

I am really excited to talk about the look for today as I absolutely love it! So, the look that we follow in today’s blog is called Indo-Western. Without wasting any further time, let us start with the blog!

So, here is the picture of the look:



Black stone Bracelet!


Black Stone Ring!




Nothing stands between a girl and her jewels as I am very obsessed with this black stone bracelet and ring. It gives a complete look to this beautiful sunflower yellow-orange daisy print with green leaves.


Golden Sequin Waist Band!


Simplicity is only the way that never dies to have such sunny garnished yellow-orange high waist skirt with  added Golden Sequin at the waist giving it a complete royal look.






Being in Indore and a shopaholic at heart, I was always fascinated by fancy clothes and floral being my all time favorite made for me glue my hands to this skirt.

Aditi Farabda is one such designer that brings out creativeness to a level unmatched and well, this dress wouldn’t have been better.

I, in fact, went for an indoor shoot as the lamped room seemed to blend well with the dress.






The orange upper has cuts at neck both front and backs thus creating a sexy and aesthetic look simultaneously.The material for the outfit is classy.


You can carry this indo-western dress at any family occasion. It can be a  wedding in your family, a pooja or Haldi function.



❀ ❀








So, Young Ladies Out There What Are You Waiting for.
Shop For Some Elegant Indo Western Wear and can customize too from my favorite Aditi Farabda. They have an amazing collection of dresses and a wide variety of choices!

They offer stunning dresses, skirts and all the wardrobe essentials that one needs! The clothes that they avail are so economical that it feels no burden to buy the hand full of clothes at one go!

I hope you guys liked this look. Also, I would love to see you guys dressing up according to these trends.


OUTFIT:  Aditi Farabda Designs.

ACCESSORIES: Street Shopping Mumbai.


LOCATION: Ravishing Homes.


Next blog shall be out soon. So stay tuned! See you until next time till then Happy Blogging! ❀